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This is my gift to you.

If you are pregnant, or have ever even thought about getting pregnant, this book is for you.

It is the first step in getting what you most want out of your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

In this book (truly, a labor of love in more ways than one) I share what I learned “the hard way” during my first three pregnancies and complicated deliveries.

Before you think, “Oh, it looks like it was easy for her…”

Nope, It wasn’t.  I REALLY struggled to control my weight, and energy during my first three pregnancies! The problem with the extra weight is that the extra weight gained leads to many unnecessary complications for so many women.

This book is not about weight, although it is a big part of what we talk about.

It is really about YOU becoming the women you always new you were inside.

After my first three pregnancies and miscarriage, I was determined to find a new program for having a baby. It turns out, there wasn’t one. I created the brand new system from the ground up.

If you have ever struggled with your weight during pregnancy or have been anxious about delivery, start by getting the first chapter of my book. If it is interesting after that, we can chat and see if you want even more help from me.

If nothing else, get the first chapter for free.  Even just the first chapter is life altering for many of my clients.

Get it for free here. It is my gift to you.

I wish you the very best in life and birth.