Magic Happens

...but not how you think it does.

YES! It’s really him, Gary Vaynerchuck!

A couple weeks ago I received a personal invitation from Russell Brunson to attend an amazing gathering of entrepreneurs and marketers in Boise Idaho.

Gary V and Me!

It sounded so AMAZING and super fun!

But it also felt like I’m traveling a lot right now and sometimes you have to say “no”. So that’s what I did.

Fast forward to Thursday this week, the day before the event, and I’m thinking, “Why am I not going to this event?”

And just as I’m thinking this Ben says, “Katie, you’ve got to be in Boise tomorrow. You can’t miss this!”

So, I packed a bag, Voxed Russell’s team to let them know I’m coming, got up at 3:30am and drove out of town.

The event started at 12pm and I pulled up at 11:55am.

I MADE IT 🙌🏻 I couldn’t even believe it!

It was one of those experiences that reminded me of who I am.

I’m a woman who is bold and takes action despite my thoughts, feelings, emotions, or moods.

I’m adventurous and leap into the unknown.

I take action even when there’s no guarantees.

Yesterday I did just that. And because of that I got to “interview” JP Sears 😉 Ask Gary Vaynerchuck a question, and spend the day with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

So my question to you is this:

Are you living boldly and taking the actions necessary to get you where you want to go?

And my BOLD won’t look like your BOLD. But I do know, when I step into the dark, and get outside my comfort zone….

 MAGIC Happens