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Magic Happens

...but not how you think it does.

YES! It’s really him, Gary Vaynerchuck!

A couple weeks ago I received a personal invitation from Russell Brunson to attend an amazing gathering of entrepreneurs and marketers in Boise Idaho.

Gary V and Me!

It sounded so AMAZING and super fun!

But it also felt like I’m traveling a lot right now and sometimes you have to say “no”. So that’s what I did.

Fast forward to Thursday this week, the day before the event, and I’m thinking, “Why am I not going to this event?”

And just as I’m thinking this Ben says, “Katie, you’ve got to be in Boise tomorrow. You can’t miss this!”

So, I packed a bag, Voxed Russell’s team to let them know I’m coming, got up at 3:30am and drove out of town.

The event started at 12pm and I pulled up at 11:55am.

I MADE IT 🙌🏻 I couldn’t even believe it!

It was one of those experiences that reminded me of who I am.

I’m a woman who is bold and takes action despite my thoughts, feelings, emotions, or moods.

I’m adventurous and leap into the unknown.

I take action even when there’s no guarantees.

Yesterday I did just that. And because of that I got to “interview” JP Sears 😉 Ask Gary Vaynerchuck a question, and spend the day with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

So my question to you is this:

Are you living boldly and taking the actions necessary to get you where you want to go?

And my BOLD won’t look like your BOLD. But I do know, when I step into the dark, and get outside my comfort zone….

 MAGIC Happens 

Better Together

One of the most under appreciated parts of business...

The saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life…”

That is a cliche. But there is more wisdom in this phrase than just dong whatever your spouse wants you to do.

I look at it as, “If you are not happy at home, all the business success in the world is not worth a dang.”

Don’t forget to treat the ones you love as well as you treat your customers…

Remember, I love you, and you CAN do it.

I appreciate you.

To my partner in life and business, Ben, I love YOU.

Thanks for being part of this wild journey with me!